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How the money were transfered to different locations?

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On December 17 (the day of the graft operation), Medet Nabi Yanik, best man of Prime Minister's son in law Berat Albayrak, carries part of the money which was transferred from Prime Minister's office by cars. His name had come into the picture during the money transfers for the buying process of Turkuvaz Media with the PM's order.

Medet Yanik carries the money that were being kept in Kisikli on December 17, with the order of Berat Albayrak. He carries a big bulk of money to Omer Faruk Kalyoncu, who is the new owner of Sabah Daily and ATV channel, on December 17. He also transfers another bulk to Calik Group the next day.

The money was carried by an armored van (in one transfer)

1st phone talk:

Yanik: Best man of PM's son in law, Berat Albayrak
Hakan Arslan: Assistant to Faruk Kalyoncu who “liquidified” a substantial amount of money in PM's house.

Yanik loads the money from PM's house in Kisikli and hands them over to Hakan Aslan, who runs errands for Faruk Kalyoncu, to be given to Faruk Kalyoncu.

The money is taken to the Kalyon Holding building in Beykoz-Kavacik from Kisikli.

This money transfer was mentioned in the phone tapping between PM and his son, Bilal Erdoğan as : “Berat has another idea. He says that let's give some of it to Faruk[Kalyoncu] for the other “business/thing” so he can process them like the previous ones. We can dissolve a big amount with this.” (17/12/2013, 11:52:15)

Phone talk between Medet Nabi Yanik and Hakan Arslan (Kalyoncu group)

Hakan Arslan: Bro? Are you available?
Medet Nabi Yanik: Hakan Salamun Aleykum
HA: Aleykum Selam
MNY: I am coming over there, to you.
HA: You are coming, OK. Where (are you)? Are you on the way?
MNY: Yes I am. Let's... once we had met at the garage, let's meet there again.
HA: Can you let me know when you are about to arrive so I can come down.
MNY: Ok ok, inshallah
HA: OK, see you then.

End of 2nd talk:
MNY: I though of taking the short cut. But no need. I will come through the normal road. İf God permits, I will be there in 5 minutes. You go down by elevator, I will go into the garage directly.
MNY: OK bro

3rd talk:

On December 18,25 million dollars of the money that could not be zeroed from the PM's house, is handed to Calik Holding.

Riza Ağın is an employee in Calik holding. He is being asked to make preparations to take the money early in the morning.
As far as it is understood from the recordings, a big amount of money was “dissolved” at Calik Holding the day before. But as the “dissolving” had not finished easily, it had to be completed the next day.
This money transfer was talked about on the phone between PM and his son as such:
“We did not zeroed it yet daddy. Let me explain.. We still have a 30 million euros that we could not yet dissolve. Berat thought of something.. There was an additional 25 million dollars that AhmetCalik should receive. They say let's give this [to him] there. When the money comes, we do [something], they say. And with the remaining money we can buy a flat from Sehrizar, he says.” (18.12.2013 09:28:48)

MNY:Yes? Hello
Riza Ağın: Ah, Medet, good morning
MNY: Good morning Riza brother, what's up?
RA: I'm fine. How are you?
MNY: Thank you brother, thanks to God.
RA: The boss said that... about that thing.... Texted me last night. “You make preparations” he wrote.
MNY: Yes yes
RA: I mean, what kind of a preparation should I make? I wanted to ask you.
MNY: I will call you in a short while and will clear this. OK?
RA: Now, I have a meeting at Kalyon at 11.00. There is still time to 11.00. I will leave at 10.30. Meanwhile, we can talk via moniles. I had.. Olcay...
MNY: OK OK no problem, no problem
RA: You tell me how...
MNY: There isn't any problem about those. You just ask someone to meet me at the company. Depending on the situation.... I will let you know.
RA: Bro, do you have any idea about the amount?
MNY: No, I don't. I will let you know when I learn what exactly it is.
RA: As soon as you learn you inform me and then I ....
RA: (mumbling)
MNY: OK, you get the preparations ready

4th talk

RA: Hello
MNY: Selamun aleykum
RA: Aleykum Selam Medet
MNY: Now I am coming towards the company, I should be there in half an hour, the latest
MNY: I don't have any information on (it). But it is not as (much) as I had brought.
RA. Well is it Eros or Dollars. Any ideas?
MNY:I don't know. I don't know that.
RA: Will you be (thing) in half an hour
MNY: Garage... İ will be at the garage.
RA: Ok then, OK. Then it is not important. Half an hours is nothing. It's fine, it's fine.
MNY: OK. I will call when I am close so that the boys can come down. I will hand them over and leave. I wil go to the garage, OK?
RA: Ok, OK.

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